Snowboarding Helmets - To Wear or Not To Wear?

The jury is out!! Which facet of the fence do you sit on? Snowboarding has its location as a style drove recreation, and creating a declaration at the hill seems to be the manner ahead for most riders. So the query remains, why smash your appearance with a silly helmet? The answer for me is clear; you'll by no means see me using without a nicely geared up snowboarding helmet in Best Review Express!


It wasn't usually this manner... Once I discovered to experience, for as a minimum the primary three weeks I was satisfied in my cozy tea beanie... I notion I seemed the commercial enterprise with my Oakley shades (no goggles in sight) however then, as I changed into using bread and butter cat music between pistes, I stuck an edge at an insanely gradual pace and properly stacked it!


The snow becomes in pretty suitable condition so my fall could have been an awful lot worse, however nonetheless it nevertheless took a couple of minutes to work out in which I became. When my head subsequently stopped spinning, I decided right then and there that I wished a snowboarding helmet, so earlier than the give up of the day I become the proud proprietor of a chrome Uvex Helmet!


Again I notion I appeared the part, however, my friends just stored drawing similarities to Battlestar Galactica... Something to do with a small resemblance to Cylons, so I'm informed:)


Besides, that is one purchase that has to go down as one of the qualities I even have ever made. Even although for two entire weeks I don't think I fell over (I only used to cruise), I commenced thinking my purchase became now not making a whole lot experience, mainly as it started out shedding its great chrome coating!

 Until in the future this is, that at the same time as moving at a pace I stuck something lurking simply below the snow, that flung me returned directly to the piste head first! According to eyewitnesses, I bounced twice off my head before touchdown on my returned (and a poorly located binding tool).


I barely managed to get to the lift station, and remained concussed for the relaxation of the day! I can only consider what kingdom my head might be in now if I had stuck to carrying my all-time favorite beanie, but one thing is for positive, its snowboarding helmets all day long for this shredder!!


If you reflect consideration on it logically, what charge is your fitness? Surely we have to all be doing what we can to make sure we return home accurately and in one piece, and who cares if we seem like an alien from famous person wars, as long as we nevertheless get to go domestic on the end of the day!


A fellow instructor friend of mine recommends to his beginners to get a skiing helmet as soon as possible even though they're traveling slow, however simply actually because a person else can also lose manage at pace and take you with them! I've visible it manifest.


My advice... Helmet Up!! Just make certain it fits nicely, look out for that hole among your goggles and your helmet - if that occurs it's no longer cool!

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